Stay Healthy While Taking Statins

Statins are an important class of drugs which help to prevent and treat heart disease and stroke. They work by blocking the liver enzyme which creates cholesterol, lowering overall levels of cholesterol in the bloodstream. The body needs some cholesterol for healthy functioning, but too much cholesterol can cause hardening of the arteries or can create plaque buildup inside arteries, greatly increasing the danger of strokes or heart attacks.

statins-ubiquinolWhile they help a lot of people to be healthier, statin drugs can produce detrimental side effects. Some of these are linked to a reduction of the levels of CoQ10 throughout the body. CoQ10 is necessary for healthy cell growth and activity. It helps cells produce energy and also protects cells by acting as an antioxidant. Reduced levels of CoQ10 can cause low energy levels and increased risk of damage to muscles or organs while taking statin drugs. To protect against this, your doctor may recommend a CoQ10 supplement to raise the levels of CoQ10 in the body. More available CoQ10 means cells are able to function normally. Most of the CoQ10 contained in the body is in a form called Ubiquinol. Newer supplements are starting to use this form as their active ingredient, and studies show that these newer supplements may enable higher absorption of ubiquinol into the body.

It’s important to maintain healthy habits while on statin drugs. Exercise and a low-cholesterol diet are other ways to maintain good cholesterol levels in the body, which can reduce or even eliminate the need for statin drugs. Eating foods high in CoQ10, including beef, fish, and peanuts can also help to raise your levels of CoQ10, supporting your good health.